February - March 2020
The Mikvah Project by Josh Azouz

 Orange Tree Theatre
Production and Marketing Assistant
Behind The Scenes: 'The Mikvah Project '-  What is a Mikvah?Filmed and Edited by Craig Nom Chong
“ Georgia Green’s production is an example of the alchemy that happens when you get the perfect combination of play and theatre.”
Nominated for an Off West End Award for Best Performance: Josh Zaré
This is a Mikvah. My friend and I built it. 
We had to dig a really deep hole before we found water. 
Then we installed a pipe to suck up the required nine hundred litres.
Now, this bad boy, is KOSHER.

Eitan is 17. Avi is 35.

Eitan loves Arsenal. Avi loves his wife. Eitan goes to college. Avi is trying for a child.

They are in completely different places in their lives. Yet, every Friday, Eitan and Avi meet at the Mikvah to take part in the Jewish ritual of submerging in the water.

As they chat about life in the synagogue, football, the nature of marriage and desire, they form an unexpected bond that threatens to disrupt life outside the Mikvah.

A play about the courage it takes to confront our hidden desires. Filled with singing and water, chutzpah and joy we are reminded how easily a heart can break.

From Josh Azouz, the writer of smash hit Buggy Baby and Victoria’s Knickers.

Georgia Green’s acclaimed production from our 2019 Directors’ Festival returns.

Written by Josh Azouz
Director Georgia Green
Designer Cory Shipp
Lighting Designer  Chris McDonnell
Sound Designer Lex Kosanke
Movement Director Rachel Hosker
Singing Coach Sarah Dacey
Casting Consultant Sophie Parrott CDG
Casting Co-ordinator Sarah Murray
Production Manager Lisa Hood
Technical Manager Stuart Burgess

Company Stage Manager Jenny Skivens
Deputy Stage Manager Eleanor Dear
Assistant Stage Manager Kate Condon
Costume Supervisor Rebecca Carpenter 
Production LX Christopher Paton

Production Photography by The Other Richard
Alex Waldmann
Josh Zaré


Josh Azouz’s tender, funny play… Poignant, thoughtful… about belief, identity and healing, delivered with a beguilingly light touch. 

“ Impeccably played by
Alex Waldmann and Josh Zaré ”

The Jewish Chronicle

 Sunday Express, The Upcoming,  Broadway World,  Everything Theatre,
Essential Surrey, The Morning Star & Jewish Renaissance
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Behind The Scenes: 'The Mikvah Project '-  Transforming The Orange Tree, Filmed and Edited by Craig Nom Chong

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