June - August 2020
"Dear Future Generations"
An Original Film, Written & Performed by
Kiln Theatre's 16-18 Young Company

Freelance Video Editing for Kiln Theatre
'Dear Future Generations' by Kiln Theatre 16-18 Young Company,  Edited by Craig Nom Chong
A poem, a manifesto, a dream of the future, Dear Future Generations is all about the mad world we’re in and how to reset the rules.
As Kiln Theatre's vibrant and innovative young company explore what it means to be a game-changer, past present and future, they tell us what it is they want to see changed through the medium of spoken word, music and theatre. From the Martin Luther Kings to the fiercest drag queens, the company take this chance to investigate what came before, and what change they want to see in the future, through the lens of their generation, in ourselves, our neighbourhood and our society.

Kiln Theatre brings you joyful, electric performances from the next generation of game-changers.

Also, check out our behind-the-scenes footage, galleries and drafts showing the hours of research and hard work that went into the creation of this important and powerful film

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Please note: The film uses language, imagery and music to explore a range of themes inspired by the participants’ identities, interests and experiences. Expect content relating to Mental Health, Trans experience, Gender and LGBTQ+ issues, Racism and Black Lives Matter, as well as some swearing.

Age guidance 14+

Written & Performed by  Kiln Theatre 16-18 Young Company
Directed by  Jennifer Bakst
Associate Directed by  Chris Finnegan
Edited by Craig Nom Chong
Produced by Tash Marks
Artwork by Pari
Africa, Anya, Eden, James, Josh, Keegan, Louis, Mia, Mihai & Pari

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