May - June 2020
"Cardboard Theatre For Kids"
Conceived and Created By Frankie Bradshaw and Atri Banerjee

Freelance Video Editing for English Touring Theatre
'Cardboard Theatre for Kids' by By Frankie Bradshaw and Atri Banerjee,  Edited by Craig Nom Chong
In response to the social distancing effects of COVID-19, this video was the delightful brainchild from the brilliant set and costume designer, Frankie Bradshaw, and the wonderful theatre director, Atri Banerjee. They collaborated to encourage families to create their own theatrical stories, characters, and sets from the comfort of home.
My role was to edit together their brilliant footage and infuse a delightful feel to match their "Art Attack" feel footage. This was fulfilled through playful text, uplifting colours and snappy edits that played on the brand colours and font of English Touring Theatre.

Conceived and Created by  Frankie Bradshaw and Atri Banerjee
Script and Filming by Frankie Bradshaw and Atri Banerjee
Editing by Craig Nom Chong
Creative Associate for ETT Jennifer Bakst

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