May 2020
"Reiki" By Tanya Muneera Williams

An English Touring Theatre and
Off The Record Bristol Collaboration
Video Editing for English Touring Theatre
'Reiki' by Tanya Muneera Williams,  Edited by Craig Nom Chong
A poem about visualising safety, growth, well being, and forgiveness. Written by ETT Forge Associate Artist, Tanya Muneera Williams with music by Mr. Plexus, this piece was created to accompany a scheme by ETT and  Off The Record Bristol, a mental health social movement for young people, to encourage writing to help look after mental health during COVID-19 lockdown.
With this commission, the task was to infuse visuals and a style that matched the beauty of the poem. With Creative Associate, Jennifer Bakst, we agreed on using a striking mix of flashes and glimpses of tonal and nostalgic stock footage matching the tone of Tanya Muneera Williams' prose to create this.

Written by Tanya Muneera Pilgrim
Poem and Monologue Filming by Tanya Muneera Pilgrim
Music by Mr Plexus
Additional Content Sourcing Video Editing by Craig Nom Chong
Creative Associate for ETT Jennifer Bakst

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